Audio Connector Neutrik NK-NP3TT-P-R

Audio Connector Neutrik NK-NP3TT-P-R


4.4 mm (0.173") tiny telefone plug bantam type, solder termination for T+R, hex crimp of S with a standard RG58 crimp tool, red plastic housing, Nickel contacts. Ideal use with TT patch panels.


Features & Benefits

Designed for pro audio applications

Robust egonomic design - long-lasting and depenable

Standard HEX crimp cable clamp for shield termination and cable retention

Colored sleeves available for coding and marking

0.173'' Bantam Type Miniature Plug

4.4 mm (0.173") tiny telefone plug bantam type featuring 3 conductors and HEX crimp cable strain relief. These plugs have solder contacts for Tip and Ring and crimp termination for the Sleeve contact, as well as red or black plastic handles for quick assembly. Ideal use with TT patch panels.

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