The new NEO-CAT.5e and NEO-CAT.6A from Percon.


In Percon, we do not stop offering news, and in this article, we show you the new New NEO-CAT.5e and NEO-CAT.6A from Percon.

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NEO-CAT.5e (BW 300 MHz)


These cables are used to link computers and computing devices creating a local network (LAN), Primary (Campus), Secondary (Riser), Tertiary (Horizontal) IEEE 802.3: 10Base-T; 100Base-T; 1000Base-T; IEEE 802.5 16 MB; ISDN; TPDDI; ATM Power over Ethernet (PoE) / PoE + Complies with EN 50173-1; EN 50288-2-1 ISO / IEC 11801; IEC 61156-5 TIA / EIA-568-B.2 IEEE 802.3at. Euro Eca Class according to EN50575.



Reference :NEO CAT-5011 HF/HS/ECA

· Category 5e SF / UTP Cable

· 300 MHz bandwidth

· Rigid copper conductor AWG 24

· AL + Cu double screen

· Free of halogens

· Ideal for fixed installations


NEO-CAT.6A (BW 500 MHz)



Reference: NEO-CAT 6010 HF

· Category 6A U / UTP Cable

· 500 MHz bandwidth

· Free of halogens

· Rigid conductor AWG 23

· Ideal for fixed installations





NEO-CAT.5e y NEO-CAT.6AReference : NEO-SMART 6011/FCA

· Category 6 S / UTP Cable

· General screen with tinned copper braid

· Double deck

· Inner sheath TPE and general with PVC / NBR

· Very flexible and ideal for mobile installations and Very resistant

 · 500 MHz bandwidth and flexible center conductor of AWG 23.