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Pro Digital Network Controlled 500812


500812 novedades muxlab

The MuxLab ProDigital network controller is a Linux-based PC that allows users to control MuxLab products installed through an Ethernet web interface.

When installed in a local area network (LAN), the MuxLab network controller will scan the LAN for connected MuxLab AV over IP products, which will allow the user to automatically discover, configure and control the connectivity of these products through An Ethernet web interface. The controller can also be managed by the MuxLab MuxControl application and the 500816-IP 8-button IP PoE control panel. The unit can also be used to manage firmware updates of connected MuxLab devices.

An application program interface (API) is available to support a number of external partner control applications that run on smartphones and tables.


4k Digital Signage player plus 500789


500446 novedades muxlab

The 4 × 2 HDMI 2.0 Quad-View processor allows up to four (4) 4K / 60 HDMI sources to be presented simultaneously on one or two 4K / 60 screens as a multi-view layout. The user can select one of five (5) predetermined multi-view design presets, or eight (8) custom design presets (resized and positioned as necessary with PIP support) to adapt their multi-view configuration.

The unit supports transitions that include uninterrupted, gradual appearance and disappearance, erasure and dissolution when switching to full screen mode. The transfer of all audio formats is supported, including 2-channel audio extraction through two RCA connectors. The user can provide a background and a logo to display.

The unit can be managed locally through the buttons on the front panel or remotely via IR (IR Remote included), RS232 and over an Ethernet network, and comes with rack-mount brackets for a 19 “rack and a 12VDC @ 5A power supply.


HDMI 2,0 Extender kit 500409


The HDMI 2.0 extension kit allows HDMI equipment that supports uncompressed video up to 4K / 60 (4: 4: 4) to connect through a Cat6a / 7 unshielded twisted pair cable in a point-to-point configuration. distances up to 30 m at 4K / 60, 40m at 4K / 30 and 45m at 1080p. The unit supports HDCP 2.2 and audio transfer to Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. The HDMI 2.0 extender kit supports a 1-way IR port (carrier wave) for remote control of end devices. The kit comes with one (1) transmitter and one (1) receiver, as well as an infrared emitter and an infrared sensor for the remote control application.



HDMI/Dante over IP PoE Transmitter , UHD-4K 500759-TX-DANTE


The HDMI / Dante over IP PoE transmitter, UHD-4K allows HDMI video equipment to support up to 4K @ 30Hz (4: 4: 4) and 4K @ 60Hz (4: 2: 0), in addition to connecting and extending the equipment Dante audio to create an independently distributed audio and video network. Hundreds of individual screens and video wall screens of user configurable size (X by Y) can be supported, depending on the network bandwidth. Audio can be distributed independently to hundreds of Dante compatible audio devices. Supports HDR up to 4K @ 30Hz (4: 2: 2).

The unit can be connected via a Cat5e / 6 cable up to 330 feet (100 m) from an Ethernet switch and supports PoE (PD) when powered by an Ethernet PoE (PSE) switch. An IR emitter or an IR sensor, if necessary, can be purchased separately for IR-based remote control applications.

The MuxLab Pro digital network controller (500811) and the MuxControl application are available to simplify the configuration and administration of this and other MuxLab AV devices over the network via smartphones and tablets.


HDMI 4K/60 KVM over IP Extender 500760-KVM RX & TX

novedades de Muxlab 500760-KVM RX & TX

The 4K / 60 KVM HDMI over IP extender is based on SDVoE technology and allows HDMI-based servers / workstations that support a resolution of up to 4K @ 60Hz to connect and extend to one or more operators that can connect and manage any of the servers / workstations in a KVM application. The operator can connect a remote monitor, keyboard and mouse and audio speakers with power to any of the servers / workstations that are managed.

This system also supports smart board applications through the HDMI and USB ports. Hundreds of servers / workstations can be managed, depending on the network bandwidth, using a receiver for each operator and a transmitter per server / workstation. Each transmitter (500760-TX-KVM) and receiver (500760-RX-KVM) can be connected using a Cat5e / 6 cable up to 330 feet (100 m) from a 10 Gig Ethernet switch.

Each unit comes with a 12VDC @ 3A power supply, with multiple blades for North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia, and also includes a wall mount bracket kit and an IR sensor and emitter for remote management of end devices .

The MuxLab Pro digital network controller is available to simplify centralized configuration and control, software updates and allows connectivity management from MuxControl and other third-party applications running on smartphones and tablets.

HDMI over IP H.264/H.265 PoE Transmitter, 4K/60 500764-TX


The H.264 / H.265, 4K / 60 HDMI over IP PoE transmitter allows the HDMI source equipment to extend locally up to 330 feet (100 m) at a resolution of up to 4K @ 60Hz through the Cat5e / 6 cable and is compatible with the Muxlab 500762 -RX Receiver to support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint to multipoint configurations, Video Wall and Multiview capabilities in an expandable and cost-effective low bandwidth, without the need to install dedicated wiring systems.

The exceptionally low bandwidth requirements of this device in the H.264 / H.265 video codec configuration allow the transmission of audio / video content over a local network and over the Internet for installations distributed throughout the entire world. The unit also supports a MotionJPG video codec (MJPG) configuration for low latency applications. The transmitter accepts a 4K video at 60Hz and transmits the content to an H.264 / H.265 receiver, such as the MuxLab 500762-RX, for display on a 4K monitor. The transmitter can also send H.264 / H.265 video streams to other H.264 / H.265 compatible receiving devices. The device supports PoE (PD) and can be powered by an Ethernet PoE (PSE) switch.


HDMI 2.0 Over IP PoE Extender, 4K/60 500779

4K/60 500779

The HDMI 2.0 extender over IP PoE, 4K / 60 allows HDMI source equipment that supports a resolution of up to 4K (3840 × 2160) @ 60Hz to be connected via a Cat5e / 6 cable up to 330 feet (100 m) from a 1 Gbps Ethernet switch, point to point, point to multipoint and multipoint to multipoint configurations.

The device is a transceiver and can be configured as a transmitter or receiver. The unit supports a directional IR port and an RS232 port for remote control of end devices, and a 2-channel audio port that functions as an audio insertion or extraction port depending on whether the unit is configured as a transmitter or receiver respectively .

The MuxLab Pro digital network controller (500811) is available to simplify centralized configuration and control, software updates and allows administration from the application for MuxControl smartphones and tablets and third-party control applications.


HDMI/VGA/USB over IP PoE Wall Plate Transmitter 500777-TX-DECO

The DECO HDMI / VGA over IP, 4K / 30, DECO wallplate transmitter adapts to a standard 2-gang Decora-sized electrical box and allows you to connect HDMI, VGA and USB equipment up to 330 feet (100 m), with Video compatible up to 4K Resolution (3840 × 2160)

novedades de Muxlab 500777-TX-DECO

@ 30Hz via one (1) Cat5e / 6 unshielded twisted pair cable in a point-to-point configuration. The USB port can be used to extend several USB devices, including Smart Boards. Point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint configurations are also possible by connecting several transmitters and receivers to the same local Ethernet IP network through an Ethernet switch. The PoE HDMI / VGA / USB over IP wall plate transmitter, 4K / 30, DECO also supports PoE (PD) if used with an Ethernet PoE switch (PSE). Additional transmitters can be purchased separately according to the intended application and the number of units required.

For point-to-multipoint and multipoint to multipoint configuration, the Ethernet switch must have Gigabit ports, Jumbo frame capacity, DHCP server capability, PoE and, in addition, support the IGMP communication protocol for the multipoint to multipoint case. MuxLab recommends using Cisco SG350 or SG550 Series managed switches.

The MuxLab ProDigital network controller is available to simplify the configuration and use of the 500777-TX-DECO and other IP-based products from MuxLab through an Ethernet web interface. The MuxControl application for Android and iOS can also be used for connectivity management, in combination with the network controller.