The ISE 2020 Amsterdam Fair is the most important professional event in the AV sector and systems integration in the world. It has always been a very positive display for Percon.

We are convinced that the 2020 edition will be a great opportunity to increase and improve the presence of Percon in the market. Good opportunity also to meet with many of our clients and partners and establish new contacts.

The Barcelona-based Percon company focuses on two main objectives: to offer the highest quality in its professional broadcast and AV cabling solutions. We also expand our product line to cover the needs of all types of projects and facilities in the increasingly demanding audiovisual, broadcast and multimedia industries.

In response to the first of these goals, Percon will present its successful line of HD Silver + cables at ISE 2020 Amsterdam.

Introducing the Silver + range

Lately you have heard of the use of silver in video coaxial cables to improve signal quality and increase the transmission distance.

But Percon has been the first manufacturing company to produce such revolutionary cables. These have become a benchmark in terms of improving the design of conventional cables to reach new levels of quality

Undoubtedly, this has given Percon a significant competitive advantage and has been a special incentive to increase its catalog. We have incorporated new flexible models specially designed for use in mobile applications such as live broadcasts and mobile units.

The performance of the Silver + range has been extraordinary and highly valued by professionals in the industry. These offer less dielectric loss and between 5% and 15% more distance on 3G-SDI transmissions.

The second goal is achieved by providing BNC connectors optimized to meet the needs of the latest 4K technology. Also European-made crimping and peeling machines, rollers, patch panels and other accessories required in any installation.

ISE 2019 Amsterdam

But of course, Percon’s impressive range of products doesn’t just include video cables.

We also have countless other models of audio, control, data and composite cables.

We can also design and supply custom channels according to user specifications.

Last but not least, one of the most outstanding services that will be presented during the ISE 2020. It will be the possibility to assemble, certify and repair all types of fiber optic cables in our assembly laboratory.

Both qualified technicians and the laboratory itself have been evaluated and approved by major international brands in the field of fiber optics such as Lemo, Neutrik, Furukawa and Canare.


Here’s a free invitation to sign up for the show.


ISE 2019 Amsterdam