One more year, we will be present in Bitam

Percon is a company that has been in the broadcast industry for over 40 years.
Company known mainly for the manufacture and sale of all types of professional cables.

We are a family business that, starting from a small business dedicated to the repair of radios and turntables, went from manufacturing certain connections for these devices at the request of its customers, to becoming a world-class cable manufacturing company, capable of competing with the big multinationals in the sector.

Areas as demanding and competitive as broadcast, telecommunications and the audiovisual world in general, Percon has managed to strengthen its global position.
This is thanks to our obsession with quality, personalized service and flexibility in offering our services to our customers.

In this regard, we could highlight the important progress that the use of silver in the composition of the Silver + cable line in both standard and flexible versions has meant in the field of transmission of UHD-4K / 8K signals.
With which we have managed to increase the transmission distance by improving quality and reducing losses.

In Percon we are very proud to have been the first to propose this solution.
Subsequently, this has been an example to be followed by the most important cable corporations.


This constant interest in covering the needs of our customers, as well as maintaining a very direct relationship with numerous installers, has led us to constantly expand our product range.

In addition to countless models of:

All this combines different cables for specific applications, all kinds of related accessories. such as connectors, reels, crimping tools or patch panels.

In Percon we have opted very clearly for fiber optics, since the growing demand for these types of solutions is a reality.

Therefore, Percon has created an assembly laboratory that has the necessary technology for the assembly of all types of connections.

Our technical team has had to take the specialization courses and obtain the certifications granted by brands such as Lemo, Neutrik or Canare.


In this edition of the Bitam fair we will have an important selection of our cables, obviously including those of the Silver + series that I have referred to above, as well as the Percon SMPTE cable in its different versions. Likewise, we will present all kinds of accessories for broadcast installations, among which we could highlight the new Skeleton reel stand that in turn serves to transport it and is therefore very useful in mobile units, or a new patch panel with an excellent quality ratio -Price for greater profitability.
The staff present at our stand will always be happy to answer any questions about the products in our catalog.

The Bitam fair is undoubtedly the reference event of the broadcast, installations and audiovisual industry sectors, not only in Spain but also in Southern Europe.
Bitam has always been an important capital fair for Percon where we have the opportunity to interact with all of you.

Finally, I would like to mention that in Percon we have a magnificent team of professionals and that our technical department will be happy to advise you throughout all the phases of your projects.
This ranges from the design and choice of material, to installation and certification of the installation.