Cygnus Pro

What is the Cygnus of Percon?

The Cygnus Hybrid fiber Optic tester has a new revolutionary design that includes a main module and interchangeable heads totally compatible with any fiber or fiber + copper connector in
the market.

Is an essential device to easily and quickly test all the fiber and hybrid cable virtually ubiquitous in the Broadcast world to link cameras with their base stations and all the
connections points that we can find between them.

Cygnus Pro


  • Robust and compact portable design
  • Easily interchangeable heads
  • Checks fiber an cooper conductor in the same time
  • Compatible with SMPTE 304 and ARIB connectors
  • Rechargable battery lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge
  • Clear identification of faults in the fiber or in the copper contacts
  • OLED color display with 160 x 128 resolution
  • Aluminium casing

What kind of connectors do we need?

As a consequence, it allows to have interchangeable heads with different connectors so that with the same tester several systems can be checked.


Cygnus Pro heads


What’s in the Cygnus Pro case of Percon?



Pro KIT includes:

  • Main module
  • Header with selected connector
  • Receptor with selected connector
  • Mini USB charger
  • International Chargers, AC Adaptor
  • F.O. Cleaner
  • Strong Carrying Case


Cygnus Pro Kit


Below you can see the models of the different availables:


Cygnus Pro list