New catalogue Percon 2019

The catalogue is here!

One more year, Percon wants to offer you the latest updates in the cabling industry.
This time adding the possibility to find all information online following our commitment to environmental protection and reaching more target customers.
Do you want to know the most important novelties of our Percon 2019 catalogue?

Do you want to know the most important novelties of our 2019 catalogue?

Percon designs develop and manufacture a very wide range of cabling solutions.
In the current challenging and competitive industry, Percon has developed some useful tools and conversion tables in its new online catalogue, which has left behind the old-fashioned printed version, thus aiming to reduce the impact on the environment and, at the same time, organizing and displaying all data in a more practical, more effective and faster way.


This year’s catalogue is divided in four sections:

  • index of contents (colour-coded in order to offer an easier understanding)
  • Percon history (the beginnings, the values…)
  • Products (clearly described with their versions and features)
  • Index of items and part numbers in alphabetical order (HDMI, Displayport, Patch Panels, DVI, Cables silver+, connectors UHD-8K…)


The turquoise colour that predominates through the catalogue has been chosen as a corporative colour of the company, a bright and flashy colour.

Percon cables

Percon has been the first cable manufacturer in the world that has launched the SILVER+ video cables range, which led the way for other brands to follow their innovative path. This catalogue includes new models of the SILVER + line for mobile applications keeping the high quality of the cables designed to be used in fixed installations, which is a real groundbreaking achievement in the cable world. These cables, combined with the new UHD/ 8K BNC connectors provide an unprecedented transmission quality.


Percon also launches the new NEO-CAT cables specifically designed for the BROADCAST and MULTIMEDIA industries, with excellent quality and flexibility that exceed the strictest standards, which are terminated with the new PLATINUM connectors that offer an unrivalled quality and simple assembly that make them unique.


Following its constant innovation policy, PERCON is preparing a brand new SMPTE cable, specially designed to be used in OB trucks.
This cable will have an overall PTV jacket which will enable us to reduce the total weight a 30 % .
This design, added to the Shore 82 , opens the door to the SMPTE of the future.

Percon cables have obtained the CPR certification ( B2ca , Cca , Dca , Eca etc… ), as well as the approval for civil defence and Fire security in the Middle Eastern market.


catalogue percon 2019