The Beginning

Percon’s origins date back to Mr Quirze Permanyer, whose enterprising spirit and ambition led him to start repairing radios and record players in the 1940s.

Radios at the time were complicated and knowing how to repair them demanded being up to date with the “new technologies”, something that is still essential nowadays in Percon’s policy.

Over time, besides repairs, customers started ordering some customised cables for those devices and he realised that the cables were generating even more interest than the repairs themselves, so he started to focus his attention in supplying tailored assemblies.

A small haberdashery on Diputació Street in Barcelona became the workshop in which the whole Permanyer Griñó family worked together.

Quirze’s sons, Domenec and German, bought the cables and the connectors and offered the customers made-to-measure solutions, while his wife, Isabel, packaged and labeled the orders with the of the product and the customer’s name.

Ever since, PERCON has focused in the especializad production of cables for the broadcast and multimedia field (Audio, Video y Control). With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Percon has gradually increased its range of products, that now amount to around 2000 references (including audio, video, data, control fiber optic, connectors, accessories…), constantly aiming to meet the customers’ needs.

Today, Percon is a company in constant expansion, thanks to a team of specialists with high technical and commercial knowledge and expertise that are able to offer the best technological, commercial, marketing and logistic solutions, always under the management of the Permanyer brothers, who keep up the enterpreneurial and family spirit that started one day with Quirze Permanyer.