Percon is a company fully committed to design, develop and manufacture all types of cabling solutions to meet the needs of the Broadcast world and the multimedia sector in general.They are pleased to announce the presentation of the new catalog 2018, where they show the updates of the best-selling and novel products. The catalog includes all the articles that make the company a global provider for professionals in the world of Broadcast and systems integration, in addition to displaying the most up-to-date information on the wide range of audio, video, control, fiber optic cables and all types of European-made assembled cables, accompanied by a whole series of related articles: testers, connectors, tools, reels, etc.

The catalog includes a wide variety of new and interesting products that have brought to the market HDMI, Displayport, Patch Panels, DVI, Silver + cables, UHD-8K connectors …

Starting with the index, which facilitates the identification of the products and colors that differentiate each section, the catalog allows you to quickly identify each product. But also in the back, there is a more specific glossary and elaborated with the reference of each product to make it more identifying.

Percon every day is more committed to the environment and that is why, they have considerably reduced the number of pages as well as the circulation in printed catalogs, thus favoring the environment.

In this way, the idea is to strengthen the catalog day by day through the web and offer its customers all the information in a digital way.


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